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Membership Enquires:membership@calligraphywa.asn.au

Find A Teacher Enquires email:teachers@calligraphywa.asn.au

Calligraphers' Guild of Western Australia Postal Address:
PO Box 876 Joondalup WA 6919
Telephone  Message Bank: (08) 9487 0078

Contact list committee members email

Chairperson - Martin Dickie e-mail: president@calligraphywa.asn.au
Secretary - Christopher Whitehand e-mail: secretary@calligraphywa.asn.au
Treasurer - Debbie Longfield e-mail: treasurer@calligraphywa.asn.au
Exhibition - Exhibitions e-mail: exhibitions@calligraphywa.asn.au
Librarians - Liz Owens and Elizabeth Walton e-mail: library@calligraphywa.asn.au
Membership Secretary temporary Debbie Londfield e-mail: membership@calligraphywa.asn.au
Newsletter (Quillo Talk)Wendy Tweedie e-mail: quillo@calligraphywa.asn.au
Teachers - Calligraphy Teachers e-mail: teachers@calligraphywa.asn.au
Workshop Coordinators - Leonie Popp, Natalia Achino e-mail: workshops@calligraphywa.asn.au
Workshop Booking Secretary - Workshops e-mail: workshops@calligraphywa.asn.au
Website - Web for website issues e-mail: webmaster@calligraphywa.asn.au
Voicemail - Guild Answering Service Phone : (08) 9487 0078